We are using the OPNET simulator (version 10.0) to carry out our performance evaluations. We have developed a general optimized model: each node is represented by a subqueue and placed in a region by randomly selecting its plane coordinates. The number of nodes can be as high as 100000. The random mobility model is a continuous time stochastic process: each node's movement consists of a sequence of random length intervals during which a node moves in a constant direction at constant velocity.

Detailed information about the simulations (and their results) can be found in our publications.


We have developed a plugin for standard OLSR. You can get it here and put the files in the OPNET default directory of your projects.

Tweakable simulation parameters are described in the README file included in the archive.


We have also developed a QOLSR plugin using only bandwidth and delay metrics. More metrics can of course be added easily. Get the archive here

As usual, simulation parameters are described in the README.txt file.

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